This article is about the fast-food dish. For the Russian President, see Vladimir Putin.*

Being a regular visitor of England, I’m not easily shocked and/or surprised by any kind of greasy food. If you’re familiar with the people that think “Just deep fry it” is a perfect way to prepare anything, you won’t be all too worried about adding gravy and cheese curds to your fries. Would you?

Today I had my first poutine experience. For the Dutch people reading, it reminded me of kapsalon, also several meal components just stashed on top of each other. The traditional poutine is a gravy-like sauce over fries and cheese curds. But you can also add pulled pork, bacon, tacos, minced meat, basically: anything you can come up with. I don’t think you can pass as a poutiner when you add vegetables and make sure the gravy is fat free. It’s not that kind of meal.

Both a Canadian source and an English source (quelle surprise) told me that it’s heaven on earth and that I would love it. I mostly got very thirsty because of it.

Don’t I understand its appeal? Of course I do. But for now I rather view it as a touristy experience than a new addition to my diet.


*= this is a Wikipedia line

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