Niagara Falls

The super cool thing about having a blog and being its sole writer is that you can change the rules whenever you want. But don’t worry, it’s going to be an one time thing (she says, now).

Pictures, I mean! Behind links, because keeping to a certain idea of an aesthetic is so pleasing. Maybe all those hyper-links are bright blocks in the walls of text I create?

Bullshit aside, Niagara Falls is definitely something. Where with certain tourist traps you might struggle to enjoy what’s in front of you because so many people present, water cascading from rocks somehow gave me enough of a personal bubble to soak it all in. Okay, enough aqua related “funny” comments. I can be severely impressed with a beautiful, grandiose, very old building, but when it comes to nature, it’s on a whole other level. Maybe this is what people call a religious experience.

Combine this with a street leading up to it that belongs on a German fun fair, you could draw conclusions about how the human species exists out of short lived entertainment seekers that can’t handle the beauty of nature, but I don’t like to draw conclusions with only empirical evidence present.

I thought the Niagara Falls were absolutely, absolutely beautiful and no picture or video can replace the experience.


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