Phone plans

After the ease with how I moved through getting a social insurance number, a visa and a bank account, I naively thought that getting a Canadian phone number and plan would be a breeze as well. Ha.

Canadian phone plans aren’t as cheap as Dutch ones. At home I pay €20 for 500MB, 500MB wasn’t an option here, you start with 2GB. This can be between $35 and $60 dollars, depending on your provider. Yes, I know.

Being a cheapskate that doesn’t know when she’ll have a paying job, I went for the cheapest option. It being Boxing Day, I got a discount for ten months (pretty much all plans go for two years, and you pay for two years, even if you cancel before the end of it), and a discount for a phone. Instead $149, I would – only today- pay $49. Not bad, not bad.
Then the saleswoman added a deposit of $150. Deposit? On a phone?

It being Boxing Day, it took us about two hours to get me a number and a phone. Activation is still impossible, but I’m going to keep trying. Either way, I have a phone! And a phone number! To give out to all the potential employers, of course. The future is bright.



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