Thirty-five dollars. That’s what it costs you to take an elevator in a very, very high building and to confront your fear of heights with a glass floor and screaming children smacking the windows.
We didn’t enter the CN Tower.

“Stay as far away from Eaton Mall as possible”, the bank account lady told us after we had brunch just outside of it. After three more breakfasts, further away from the mall, we definitely understood the comment about the prizes being better.

A café so vegan that the both of us couldn’t find anything appealing on the menu. You can find it in Kensington Market, like the London Camden Market but smaller and much less aggressive touristy. We went for an ordinary (cheese) sandwich and decided to return another time for Wanda’s Pie In The Sky.

For the tourist feeling that won’t cost you $35 per person, you can consider the Royal Ontarian Museum (ROM – two tickets for $34,  enough to see to fill your day with) or Casa Loma, a not so old (1913) castle that gave us -even though visited on December 29- a lot of Christmas feelings. And okay, the castle is nice to look around as well. Another day filler for $29 per person.

Of course, walking around town is entertaining enough as it is. I had already been told about the dress code of Canadians (Anything warm, anything comfy) but have been surprised with people walking in shorts and/or flipflops with 2 – 5 degrees Celsius. It makes me feel bad about being bundled up, and a bit worried about what’s yet to come.

It’s been a long two weeks, and even though Toronto is a huge city, after a while you start moving in overlapping circles instead of taking the subway up, down, everywhere. We saw a tiny zoo in a park and a redtailed falcon outside of it, so many black squirrels that they’re barely exciting any more, and enough food places of any origin and in any fusion to never go hungry again. You can shop here as well, big franchise or tiny, original hole in the wall, but I’m too impatient to try on a dozen pieces of clothes only to realize that even the prize isn’t worth the hassle.

We’ve had Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve here, and so I finally experienced a city that didn’t completely shuts down during a holiday. Rabba’s Fine Foods, thank you for your 24/7-ness.

But it’s almost time to move now, Ottawa is the for now/potential last stop. There is a pleasant rhythm to you, Toronto, but The Red Bench’ cookies really make a visit worthwhile (oh lord, I’ve 100% turned into my father).


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