Another trip

Kids, don’t confuse AM with PM and end up with having to leave a day earlier than your boyfriend. And having to fly at night, like 00.30 in the morning.

Being the smooth traveller that I am, I worried about the public transport to the airport (subway plus bus), checking in luggage (you have to pay for that on this domestic flight), surviving the flight (it was 40 minutes, I watched two episodes of Black-ish. Ground personnel being unable to attach the tunnel to the plane in Ottawa almost take longer), calling for and surviving an Uber trip (did that, managed it), and checking in at a hotel with the charming auto suggestion at Google of “has bed bugs” at two in  the morning.

I worry about barely anything, really. After a nice breakfast (no eggs, cereals, BREAD) I’m preparing for the next part, another Uber cab into Kanata. There I’ll meet my host,  and another adventure will start. I’m going to be a farm girl. Where’s my plaid flannel?


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