Volunteering at the Pippi Longstockings’ House

On my first Monday  in Carp, which is close to Kanata, which is considered close to Ottawa, I visited a ‘share night’ about Reiki, some kind of extra special yoga, and lightbodies. No, I forgot a capital there: Lightbodies. Yes, I still don’t know either.

I shovel snow, more than I’ve ever seen outside of artificially created Snowworld, and I carry wood for the wood stove from the outside shelter to the inside shelter. There’s a cat, Mau, and two horses, one that will eat your clothes if you’ll allow him to.

The man I try to help out has made this house from scratch, barely buying anything, just cleaning out other houses, exchanging things for apples (he has a yard) or other things. I think the word you can use for it is eclectic, but in an ordered way. The bathroom could even feature on a fancy blog about interior design (does the GOOP website still blog?).

“I know you, you’re the little curly haired Hobbit girl from the Lord of the Rings.” They discovered I’m from New Zealand.

Snow shoveling is exhausting and gets old quite fast, I still have to find a meditative way to deal with it. But, to see the path you made, the stuff you moved, is oddly satisfying. While being boring. Jury’s still out on snow shoveling.

I need to get used to finding a purpose, to living with a stranger, to be insecure about the most random things (Am I allowed to launch myself off the sled, laughing loudly?). But besides the insecurities there’s already the satisfaction of having a clue (checking the chicken coop without being asked to, coming up with small handy things), of knowing that there’s such a different way of living and that I can still handle it.

But it has been less than a week. Who knows what the month will still bring. I definitely know this might be my most exciting and weird January ever, already.


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