But why’s the internet gone?*

“We have wifi, but if you want to sit behind your computer all day, this may not be the place for you.” One of the lines I remember most from the volunteering ad I replied to. Good, yes, good, because I was going to do writing and watch movies and TV series and oh, oh yeah, volunteer around the farm.

It turns out that full time streaming isn’t possible, but plain checking in won’t hurt you or the network. You just don’t really have the time for it. Or don’t quite feel like it, because you’re tired or have a nice book and no proper desk to comfortably sit at for six hours in a row.

So the chats turn into texts, the endless surfing turns into cherry picking and yeah, the computer is used for writing again. Am I missing out? I don’t think so. Does it take some time to get used to the idea that I don’t feel like going online/using my computer? Definitely.




*freely paraphrased from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series. Maybe the first movie?


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