Looking for an apartment

Two weeks being gone, and February sixth looming already (who knows how fast week three and four will go), it’s time for me to get nervous about finding a place of my own. Not that I need it in February, in February I will stay in an AirBnB in Ottawa, from which I’m going to look at a few apartments, and hopefully find a job by visiting all kinds of job agencies and stores to make paying rent hurt less.

Still, that leaves me less than two months (or more than one and a half month, I can almost hear my boyfriend say). Talking about the boyfriend: because of him I can’t just go renting a room. Landlords -understandingly- weren’t very open to the idea of having another tenant for two weeks every other month, and to just have to have him come over to put him in a hotel ..nah. An apartment for one it is. I’m going to be someone that rents an apartment, for the first time in my life. Okay, doable. Or not, but we won’t know that before I’m doing it, starting the first week of March (hopefully).

I’m looking for a furnished place, because who knows how long I’ll stay and I don’t want to invest before being sure. Nor working hard to sell things while trying to leave (as soon as possible). So furnished, that’s quite doable. Next, the all inclusive. For some that’s heat, water, electricity, internet. For some, that’s internet and electricity. Still, not that hard to find, and taking care of getting an internet plan, after having survived the phone plan quest, must be doable.

But then: prizes. They are all over the place, and not necessarily correlating with location. At least I have local sources that can tell me yes or no, to expect X for location Y and not the other way around. But still – I would really like a job if I’m going to pay $995 for an apartment, please (it’s a pretty perfect one though, I hope it’s still there when I get to Ottawa).

Because no landlord/company is going to hold an unit for me, of course. It’s a little gambling game I’m definitely not fond of, but have to deal with right now. I have about three-four places I can go have a look at, and I’m sure that in another month I can find more. This is all so very new to me, from the idea of my own place to having to take care of everything involved.

So the news is that there’s no news yet. But I’m working on it.


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