Scams and finding apartments

“This is another one of those of too-good-to-be-real” I wrote to my boyfriend
“This one sounds like someone’s trying to sell you something they don’t own” boyfriend wrote in return.

Mister with the long, detailed story sounded a bit too much like Nigerian royalty, but the biggest clue was the pictures used. They were from an AirBnB apartment in Montreal. At least I expected it to be too good to be true? But still, I hadn’t considered one moment that there could be people out there trying to scam me out of my money. It’s looking for an apartment, how hard can that be?

Now I’m a little nervous about future endeavours, but I also know that the world isn’t out to get me. Heck, after replying to at least fifteen places.. one in fifteen a scam isn’t even a bad score, is it?


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