What do people do all day?

Here I am, in Ottawa, my first week here is just starting. I’m unemployed so I’m going to be looking for and writing to jobs. Another immigrant told me that she sent out like twenty a week before catching something so okay, twenty resumes+letters a week.
But that could be done – especially through the wonderful internet – in two, two and a half days. And it doesn’t take you outside.

What does take me outside? Groceries, already did those for at least the rest of the week. Meals, cinema visits, museums? All cost money, and I don’t know how soon I’ll make some again. Budgeting my life for a while.

At least there’s Netflix, other entertainment, books? I love those, last month I was looking forward to all the things I could watch without comments about being glued to a screen. I just don’t want to be glued to a screen all day, every day.
Right now I don’t even have a dog that will take me outside three times a day.

Of course, I can set “goals” and walk there. The AirBnB hosts have bikes, so as soon as I catch one again, I borrow one of those. With my back, aimlessly cycling around has more appeal than aimlessly wandering around. I also discovered that libraries here offer workshops, that’s something to look into.

But all in all, you discover daily life is still daily life, even in a strange city. It’s friends and family and pets that brighten it up to not make it a complete snooze.

This also makes me realise that I can kind of take my time. That as long as some things are achieved, I don’t have to wake at six and go to bed at midnight. It’s both a freeing and a scary feeling. What do I do with all that time?

Maybe I just need to expand on my morning work out. I could be the most buff unemployed person in Ottawa.


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