First Job

Finding a job is never easy, finding one in a new city in an unfamiliar country is downright nerve wrecking. It wasn’t just about the money (although I rather like having some come in when some has to go out), it was about becoming an active part of society, of having reasons to get up in the morning, to meeting people.

And then I got two scammers on my tail, three job interviews and one of those working out for me. This after little over two weeks of sending out over forty resumes, so I guess my Sunday Child-side is coming out again. Although it doesn’t really feel like I did a lot for this ..

Cina, a previous farm helper, worked/works at Simply Biscotti and told her boss that she knew someone. The small café needed several people, so if I’d just drop by my resume, she had already put a good word in, done deal.
I dropped my resume yesterday and had my interview today. At the end of the interview we were discussing my schedule and my first day of training (this Wednesday).

I’m going to be a barista, kinda. For 20 – 30 hours a week, which gives plenty of room for other things. The shifts are 6 AM to 2 PM or from 2 to 10 PM. Several years at the post had me start at 5.15, so yes, I rather have my afternoons off. Still, I’m going to have to get used to setting an alarm again. I’m going to be nervous about being on time (please be good, weather). I’m going to be nervous about the work, the colleagues, the to-and-fro.

But let’s stick to the nice part of things. I have a paying job. At a place that looks nice, and isn’t too far away from my own place (20 minutes ride). Yes, I’m nervous and there’s all the regular doubts popping up whenever I start something new (“DO I WANT THIS WHY DID I DO THIS”). But being unemployed made me miserable more often than it made me feel good.

So this is good. Hopefully it stays good.


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