That other official language

Canada? Oh, easy. I’m New Zealand born, studied in South Africa, have international friends ..a daily life using English isn’t going to offer any problem!

And it mostly isn’t (don’t ask me to pronounce photographers). But Canada has two (deux) official languages. The last time I studied French was approximately fifteen years ago. I can say my name and age and explain that I don’t speak French, that’s about it.

For that reason I wanted to settle on the Ontario side of Ottawa, but strangely enough there’s French people here as well. Plus plenty of jobs that have the dreaded ‘bilingual’ in their function descriptions. Which probably doesn’t mean “can kinda read it if there’s no hurry”.

This led me to decide that my usual Duolingo languages will have to step aside, and that French can have another turn. Because answering “Parlez-vous anglais?” to every question is probably not going to cut it.


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