Dinner for one

Once you’re completely on your own, with feeding yourself being the sole responsibility ..you may discover it to be a bit overwhelming, especially in the world of North American grocery stores. First of all, there are so many. Secondly, they offer so much.

It’s easy to go wild like a kid/student in a candy shop/doing groceries for the first time. Eat whatever I want, whenever I want, how often I want it, yes!
But I’m not a kid nor a student, and although I am lazy, I like my meals proper and complete. Vegetables and fruit, I mean by that. Growing up in a very food- and health conscious family probably does that to someone.

So, groceries involving veggies and fruit. That’s easy, it turns out that preparing for one is just terribly dull. Why set out for a great meal when it’s just you sitting there, forking it in while reading a book? And it’s so much cheaper as well to just have soup (and bread) for the rest of the time. Fills you up just as well. Usually.

This means that I’m still finding my dinner rhythm (breakfast is fine/fun, lunch doesn’t really happen). Maybe set myself some challenges, follow some recipes, pretend that I’m an appreciating customer as well, and not just the chef.

Until then? Well, my vegetarian risotto wasn’t that bad. I just need to more actively start aiming for good, tasty or Holy Shit, Did I Make This.


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