“Can I ask ..?”

I have yet to discover the One Canadian Accent  (I only heard -eh and aboot from two people) and I’m pretty sure I never will, because there isn’t one. Combine that with Ottawa being filled with Canadians with other origins, and things turn into Guess Where From.

But in a polite way, of course. This is Canada outside Toronto.
A customer added two sentences of apology and three of explanation before asking where precisely my accent was from. Not me, my accent. It somehow feels sweeter than the American “you’re not from around here, are you?”.
The majority of the guesses are correct (no, it isn’t Scandinavian, Queen’s English or Irish), which means I have to adjust to the idea that not all Dutch English sounds awful (right?) and that my kiwi accent may never be restored again. And that the Dutch really get freaking everywhere, how else would a Canadian recognise their accent?

Until now the question only leads to a nice conversation abut travel, language, and New Zealand. If that’s all there is to being recognised as not-Canadian, I’ll take it.


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