Dutch in Ottawa

I may be here on a kiwi Work Holiday Permit (thanks, Commonwealth), I’m Dutch as well. With the number of comments I get about my accent, I wonder how large the group of Dutchies here is.

Of course, to keep myself entertained I tweak my story from time to time. My dad’s Dutch, my mom’s Dutch, I studied in South Africa (these are all facts). But all these people guess correctly because of a Dutch friend, a Dutch colleague, a career in The Netherlands, a Dutch wife. These Dutch people really move everywhere!

The most recent and interesting find was a staff member in a Southern American inspired lunch place (Gooney’s, in case you’re around). He had learned Dutch in Cuba (huh?) but – there goes my theory about the Dutch being everywhere – couldn’t find anyone in the city to practice his Dutch on! Different circles? Does Little Italy has more pull on the Dutch-knowing than Downtown?

I continue confused and amused. And with that accent (“It doesn’t sound very Dutch”, a customer assured me).



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