To the dentist

It’s been over two hours and I haven’t left the dentist chair yet. Not because my mouth is such an utter wreck, but because it’s being profiled like it’s a master criminal.  By a student dentist, not a forensic profiler.

How I ended up there? As a temporary resident I don’t have Medicaid. Without Medicaid I can’t just walk in every dentist (or doctor’s practice because not all of them help the uninsured. Nor did I really feel like paying the big bucks (again, $75 for a doctor’s appointment not that long ago).
So, with the help of Google ottawa+budget+dentist, I got a short list. One was closing for summer, one was very far away, the third one was the cheap one that wanted at least six hours of my time. A dentistry school, where time is filled with asking a lot of questions and checking and testing everything out of the (study) book. Distance between my teeth and gums is written down somewhere now.

I don’t even know if I have cavities yet, that’s going to be next time. But I have impressively straight teeth and the student’s lovely and fun. What else to do with my evenings anyway?


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