Cashing a check

I was pretty sure I could remember that I would get a check from my phone provider (a “security deposit”) after six months, but couldn’t find any proof of it really going to happen. Combine that with the Canadian Mail putting down work, and I was unsure if I’d ever have the experience.

Because I never cashed a check before, checks aren’t things in the Netherlands (any more), and until now I did just fine with paying things in cash or online banking (“Interac”, which is still sorely lacking in userfriendliness and possibilities).

But the check arrived, and even though it felt like something from a scam, I took it and went to the bank. Can I get it in cash? Do I have to put it in an account? Can I do both? Turns out, there’s plenty of possibilities, and cashing checks is really easy to do. Another new experience survived.


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